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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 30, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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here. we're always looking out for you. happy 4th. happy 4th. the closed captioning by closed captioning services, inc. >> well it is official, the obama administration is recognizing the muslim brotherhood in egypt and preparing to sit down with the group at the negotiating take. hi, i'm monica crowley in for sean hannity. according to a senior administration official, the political landscape in egypt has changed and is changing. it is in our interests to engage with all parties that are competing for or the presidency. i wonder how the administration plans to engage with a group that flies its flag under the motto, "allah is our objective, the
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provefest is our leader, the qur'an is our law, jihad is our way, dying in the way of allah is our highest hope." while president obama and his liberal allies may be seduced by the renounciation for violence the stated objectives reveal its wishful thinking. the group seeks: >> nonetheless, the administration's latest move shouldn't surprise anybody who is paying attention. senator obama made his intentions clear on the campaign trail. >> i will meet not just with our friends but with our enemies. i would meet without preconditions. i think it is important for the united states not just to talk to its friends but also to talk to its enemies.
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>> enemies indeed. joining me with analysis the author of "courage and consequence" karl rove. great to see you there in texas. >> thanks monica great to be with you. >> thank you. i can't say i'm surprised by this. but it is outrageous and incredibly dangerous for the united states. the obama administration is seeking to establish formal contacts with the muslim brotherhood. which is openly committed karl, to the destruction of the united states and the west. what is team obama doing, establishing formal contacts with these people? >> you're right we shouldn't have been surprised in one sense because he made such a big deal about meeting with our enemies in the campaign. you would have thought having been in office for 2 1/2 years he would have been sobered by events and made another decision this is inexplicable. why does the administration go out of its way to give legitimacy and credibility to the muslim brotherhood by
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announcing formal contacts? what is to be gained? except to advance the muslim brotherhood and make america look weak. it looks like we are the is up can't, please, can we -- we are the is up can't, please can we meet with you. there was nothing to be ginned. why the president did it now and it in such a public fashion is inexplicable. if he wanted contacts, off the stage. why make this an act that gives legitimacy to the muslim brotherhood? >> when our enemies tell us who they are, believe them. there is no mystery. they've openly stated their agenda is to islamize societies. to establish a global islamic caliphate. -- to destroy israel and expand sharia truth the west. it is not like we are trying to read tea leaves. why would the administration think is a group they could do business with? >> i have no idea.
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let's get more sophisticated. there are elements within the muslim brotherhood beginning to be fracturing on the edges. this may have only way we could express ourselves before the fall of mubarak. all of this stuff about jihad and violence, maybe there's a different course we ought to go. we've now undermined those people. let alone the small "d" democrats the people who want to have a functioning democracy that is not dominated by sharia law and tries to live in peace and security wits neighbors. we've given them the back of our hand by this public gesture. which again is inexplicable. why do it? why did it now, when there is no upside to the united states and a lot of downside not only for us but our allies inside egypt. people who want to see a modern egypt that looks to the west not to mecca and medina. >> let's talk about our
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enemies many on the one hand, we are supposed to be at war with these kind of islamists. on the other hand we are getting into bed with them, at least in egypt. what kind of signal do you think that sends to our enemies? >> look, there have been a series of steps this year. saying gadhafi on february 28th, saying gadhafi must go. we now find ourselves july 1, he's still there, that's got to have hurt in the region. the president's premature withdrawal from afghanistan which is clearly driven not by general petraeus but by general plouffe. not by the aims and necessities of the war but of a political campaign. this has got to send a message to our enemies which is dangerous for the united states. add this on top. the president was behind the power curve when the spring revolutions brock out throughout the mideast.
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now he's demonstrating how tone-deaf he is by this action today. jeer either in a war or we're not. -- >> we are either in a war or we're not. the zigzagging policy is putting the united states at a distinct disadvantage. today we saw attorney general holder's justice department is move forwarding with criminal investigations, based on the cia interrogations, in particular two detainees that happened to die in cia custody. when i read that with other criminal investigations that are ongoing of some other cia operatives that took part in some of these interrogations. this administration is fighting more aggressively our own patriots than our enemies. >> this is mystifying why the attorney general has vendetta again the cia for having helped produced the kind of intelligence that made possible success in iraq and
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success in afghanistan. it is -- we have the terrorism adviser to the president this week detail their new view of how the world operates. it depends at the heart of it upon the development of wide and robust sources of intelligence. who in the intelligence community is going to be excited about being slapped back by this administration in this way, when things that were done in a legal, lawful manner are now causing some cia people to pay their own legal bills and delayed the retirement of other cia people. they say if i retire i have to pick up the tab for my legal expenses as opposed to having the government do so. this is a shortsighted and highly counterproductive measure. it gives an enormous insight into the ideological tendencies of this current attorney general and of his boss, the president. >> to paraphrase the secretary of state last week with regard to laboria, you must wonder
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whose side they are on. final question, is the big lesson here that when the united states has a confused and weak national security policy, the wheels come off the world. the bad guys advance and bad things happen. >> absolutely. the problem is, this is not recent with this president. when he went to his first g-8 meeting, his performance was so under womening that the president of france turned to his aides and within ear sight of the vision and hearing of members of the press said -- pointed to the president of the united states, is he weak? we've seen little sense that demonstrates strength in foreign policy when america is weak our enemies are emboldened. when america fails to lead the rest of the world is left without the stalwart resolute leadership that it needs. >> we know how that usually ends up. karl, happy independence day. >> next he promised to unite
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the country. now president obama is resorting once again to class warfare to deceive and divide. we break down the shocking rhetoric from yesterday's press conference with juan williams, next. >> later, casey anthony declines to take the stand in the most watched murder trial of the year. did she make the right decision? i'll ask our legal experts that question and more. do not go anywhere.
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>> welcome back to hannity, i'm monica crowley. tonight as america's debt crisis spirals out of control, president obama is ratcheting up the rhetoric anybody who dares to oppose his tax and spend agenda. at yesterday's news conference, the president resorted to the tried and true liberal scare tactic known as class warfare. >> the president: the tax cuts i'm proposing we get rid of are tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires. tax breaks for oil companies. and hedge fund managers. and corporate jet owners. if we choose to keep a tax break for corporate jet owners]e
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hunt >> sad -- sadly that is just the tip of the iceberg of the misleading rhetoric. joining me juan williams. juan, there he goes again. stoking class warfare to score political points. does this president not get america? by that i mean. does he not understand that the soak the rich idea and rhetoric and policy didn't work in america because he are an aspirational society. that all of us aspire to be the rich. >> i think he knows that. if you look at the polls right now he's -- people are saying
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there has to be some level of sacrifice coming from the right. if you look at the rhetoric from majority leader cantor or speaker boehner, they are saying no tax cuts. no tax hikes at all are gonna be allowed. i think people wonder if that is reasonable in terms of shared sacrifice u the class warfare argument does not work in american society, if that is your point. -- >> you know that nobody ever got a job from a poor man, right? >> that's true. in this society, at the moment, we are becoming so class -- such a large percentage of people out of work as wall street is going flew the roof you have to wonder if the rich aren't just hoarding their money why the notion of some shared sacrifice to get the deficit down is so offensive to so many rich guys. >> you want to tax the rich even more. let's look at what we are
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dealing with currently. top 1% of eveners in america pay 38% of all income taxes. top 5% pays 59% of all income taxes. 40% of americans pay no federal income tax at all. when you talk about shared sacrifice juan, all of the sacrificing is going on among the top stratosphere, half of all americans. half of the country is not engaged in the shared sacrifice as all. >> you realize monica, because you are a smart person that 1% also owns 50 plus percent of the wealth in the country. if you are saying who has the capacity to pay those taxes, it is the very, very rich. if you are asking on this 4th of july weekend who is enjoying the bounty of american opportunity? you would have to say it is the very rich. why the very rich wouldn't contribute when we are talking about cuts especially to entitlement programs that are going to affect seniors.
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affect people who are talking medicare, medicaid, social security. you have to say shouldn't there be a shared sacrifice among all americans? >> we have a big problem with the definition. when the president or you or other democrats talk about millionaires and billionaires, what they are talking about is individuals who make $200,000 a year or more. or couples, small businesses also that make $250,000 a year. these are the people who create jobs. these are the job creators, juan. it is basic economics, if you take money from people in businesses the less money they have then to save, invest, create new businesses and hire people it is as simple as that. >> right on target monica crowley. i think that is right the president is not talking about small business. he's talking about the people who are hedge fund managers. corporate jets for people who are superstars on wall street or football team owners or
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whatever. he's not talking about you and me. [ talking over each other ] >> juan, if they tax all of the super rich at 100%, confiscated all of their income and assets it would be such a miniscule amount compared to the deficit and national debt. >> good point. >> thank you. let's take about the real problem which is spending. >> it is such a good point because it is so miniscule. when the president says let's everybody pitch in to help out, he's asking for a miniscule contribution. he's not talking about confiscating all their income. >> americans are taxed enough already. what we have in this country is not a revenue problem. plenty coming in. we are dealing with a federal spending problem. historically, spending rates to gdp has been 18 to 20%. now we are up to 24% of gdp is what the feds are spending.
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as of 2020 if we are on the same path it is going to be at 27%. it is the spending stupid! by stupid i don't mean you, i just mean in general. >> i take it in the spirit of friendship. here's what stupid has to say, most of that spending is not government-related in terms of your discretionary. it is entitlement spending. >> you are right. >> social security, medicare. it is not like this government is out of control. >> it is out of control. >> if you look -- [ talking over each other ] >> because of stimulus spending because, which was not done in the previous administration put the cost of the wars in afghanistan and iraq on the books. if we look at the percentage of gdp that is right now taxes it is at a 50 year low. it is not that people are heavily overtaxed. it is i agree we need to cut
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spending. don't make the case that taxation is out of roof that's not true. >> if you are serious about dealing with the debt crisis in this country you have to be serious about dealing with the budget monsters. primarily first and foremost medicare and medicaid you want to go back 50 years to those tax rates we have to go back to the spending levels 50 years ago. then you get me to shake on it. there you go, not willing to do that, right? >> i think across party lines, we got to do something about entitlement spending get the debt under control. i don't want to do it by an august 2nd, deadline that hurts people and puts the economy at risk. >> we are not going to do it by raising taxes either. >> see you monica. >> casey anthony will not take the stand. could this decision cost >> geraldo: life? our legal experts spoken, next. --
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after making the highly controversial decision not to put his clay kwrpbt on the stand the defense rest -- his client on the stand the defense rested in the casey anthony trial. >> did you develop a relationship with mr. anthony? >> yes, sir i did. >> was this an intimate relationship? >> yes. i didn't think that he could raise somebody that was capable of harming her child. that's when he said i was an accident that snowballed out of control. but i was caught off guard with it. by the time i looked up he had tears in his eyes. >> how much money did you or some members of your family
9:24 pm
get for selling your story? >> $4,000. >> you felt the national enquirer was the one news source that you could trust to tell your story and not sensationalize it? >> that irrelevant to the issue. other than deciding to argue that's what this is more blah, blah, blah. >> by the time she was a senior in high school she was aware of burial and the method of burial in the yard. >> yes, ma'am. >> is it your decision not to testify based on consultation with your counsel? >> yes, sir. >> your honor, the[-qúg defense rests. >> the trial went from crazy to crazier today. joining me with reaction our legal analysts. guys welcome. the defense rested in the casey anthony trial without calling the defendant to the stand. i know the defendants have a right not to testify on his or her own behalf.
9:25 pm
but come on, doesn't this just scream anna sigga, guilty? >> of course. look at how jose baez opened. he talked about this outrageous story that people were waiting. i'm sure the jurors were waiting day-by-day. then the defense rests. where is the story? where is the accident? where is the incest, molestation all the unbelievable claims they made? the only way they could get that out was by casey. >> do you think the jury was also expecting to hear from casey anthony? >> i do. with that type of story who else could talk about what happened not only with her daughter but fanning her with the father and the reason why she reacted the way she did. -- >> arthur if the defense was confident in their own story about the accidental drowning and the mother panicked, why wouldn't they put her on the stand? >> they couldn't. from day one monica they has
9:26 pm
been telling lie after, different story. first she lied about her daughter being missing. then she acknowledged she was missing it was the babysitter and the boyfriend. then in opening statements we found out she knew how caylee died, when caylee died. she would have gotten so shredded on cross-examination it would have been worthless, except, i think a juror wants to hear a mother look in their eyes and say, i didn't kill my baby. i may have got a tattoo, partied like a rock star, cause i'm nuts but i didn't -- but i didn't kill my baby. >> she sits there almost like a sociopath and shows no emotion. >> one day she kept her down the whole day was when they showed the images of her daughter falling apart or actually decomposed.
9:27 pm
what i think you will see is this jury convict her, maybe not on the evidence monica, but on almost general principles. the jury has to have fallen in love with this little girl they've seen all these photos and videos of. there is only one person in that courtroom charged with killing this girl, her mom. maybe they won't get a top count conviction. but she will get convicted of something. >> anna sigga, you mentioned the defense did not prove their initial allegations of accidental drowning. they also failed to produce any evidence whatsoever of their charge that casey anthony had been molested by her father and it caused some sort of severe psychological trauma that could have lead to her carrying the bed in the trunk for a couple of -- the body in the trunk for a couple of days. >> the defense, they don't have to move anything. when they open and make these claims that is what the jury is waiting for. i'm sure they are going to hold it them. not only has the state put on
9:28 pm
a strong case, layer upon layer. now, they've made outrageous claims again the -- the family. who wants to hear they are accusing the father of molesting her and they get nothing? arthur was talking casey's reaction he has it right. the one day she had her head down. this woman stone cold at times you would expect her to have emotion like when her father was breaking down yesterday. roy kronk talking about putting his meter stick in her baby's skull, nothing except on cue with the bizarre testimony of her brother crying about not knowing she was pregnant. >> you don't know what to believe when watching her reactions. today in the courtroom, a courtroom observer stood up and flipped the bird at the judge and was arrested and then in jail for six days. >> you recognize the individual contained therein on that photograph, sir? >> yes. >> who is it?
9:29 pm
>> this is me. >> what is that symbol that you are projecting with your fingers? >> using my middle finger. and i'm sorry. >> what does that mean, sir? >> the f-word to someone. >> who were you extending the finger to sir? >> mr. ashton. >> did you realize that the taxpayers of the state of florida has expended a great deal of money in putting on this trial. and that your actions may have jeopardized or could have jeopardized all of the work that the attorneys have done in this particular case? >> yes, sir. >> i will sentence you to six days in orange county jail.
9:30 pm
impose a fine of $400. >> that's what you call a punishment and a deterrent to future behavior like this. >> that's harsh. >> if this trial weren't a three-ring circus before, today crossed the line. >> 9 kid is 100% wrong. it is on -- the kid is 100% wrong. it is on tape. the point the judge makes co-throw the trial through a mistrial and redo this half a million dollars. that's a big problem. but six days? i'm hoping signatures days means four days. he went in today which would moon he would be out monday which is a holiday. they won't release him on a holiday they will probably release him tomorrow. hopefully he will do an overnight in jail. >> to be continued tomorrow the prosecution picks up rebuttal. anna and arthur, thank you. >> thank you monica, have a great weekend. >> you too. >> don't go anywhere the grey american panel is next.
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tonight on our great american panel. democratic strategist, chris hahn. radio talk show host mary walter. he's senior editor of the daily caller, jamie weinstein. great to see you guys. >> good to be here. let's start with bubba, back in the news. >> president bubba to you. >> our 42nd president and national treasure has made comments this week sizing up the gop field. >> i think he's quite an impressive man. he's refreshingly kind of -- comes across at nonideological conservative, but nonideological, practical. governor romney is doing a better job this time than he did four years ago. comes across as more relaxed and more convicted about what
9:35 pm
he did do. less willing to be forced into apologizing for it. i'm not surprising by how well michelle bachmann has done. she comes across as a real person. all those foster children she has taken in and the children she has raised. >> bill clinton totally in his element talking presidential politics. chris hahn do you think it is appropriate for a former president of the other party to be chiming in on the gop field this early? >> i think what he said was all positive. i don't think you will see him until the end if needed come in any real hyper partisan way. he's trying to be an elderly statesman. everything he said about huntsman and romney is true. i think bachmann is surprising a lot of people, especially sarah palin, who i think bachmann is replacing the conservative female voice in america. because she is clearly better prepared to speak on a lot of topics than sarah is and has more experience in government. >> when he said he was more
9:36 pm
impressed by romney this time is an authentic admiration for the candidate this time around? >> no question what he gave was an incisive look at the feel. romney's ads are putting him obama not the primary field. with hundreds man he's paying back a complement that hunt -- compliment that huntsman wrote to him. >> i think a lot of democrats are going to like huntsman. huntsman is like the one guy in the field that worries us. >> that's why conservatives don't necessarily like him. >> funny how it works that way. >> his comments about michelle bachmann very interesting clinton is a crevice politician. i think what he's picking up -- is a very visceral politician. i think what he's picking up is her emotional bond with voters. >> i agree. i think he's really playing
9:37 pm
the elder states man and coming off as credible and respectful. and i give him a lot of credit. i don't know if he is going to get more partisan as time goes on. i give him credit for what he said about michelle bachmann. the media is not going to give her a fair shot. >> if bachmann could figure out the difference between john wayne and john wayne gacey she has a legitimate shot of winning iowa. conservative voters are going to like her. liberals and democrats and progressives won't ever like her. [ talking over each other ] >> bill clinton didn't praise her policies. he is praising the story. he knows americans like a great story. >> she has 23 foster kids, amazing story and he's noting that. we are more attracted to the story than finding solutions
9:38 pm
to the problems of this country. [ talking over each other ] >> michelle bachmann has a real authenticity that what connects. >> remember, michelle bachmann is championing constitution ali limited government, fiscal responsibility and free markets. hahn, you guys on the left might think those principles are can i but that's what the founding fathers intended. >> the founding fathers created a constitution that was a living, breathing document it is to evolve over time with case law and amendments. the contusion interpreted by the supreme court and congress creating new laws within the framework of the constitution. she thinks we should go back to 1787 and live with that. >> majority of the american people are with michelle bachmann. >> the majority of the american people believe the contusion should be followed. >> you are right, majority of -- majority of american people respond to what she is saying.
9:39 pm
she hitting an emotional chord in the american people. i guess you are saying that the american people don't know what they are talking about because they don't understand the constitution? >> i think the american people vote in the moment. i think they had a moment last year that was a conservative swing because they were not happy with the direction of the country because of the economy. not based on policies but the economy. we'll see what happens in a year and a half. >> i want to know what you have a problem with 1787. >> i think it was a great year. >> coming up on independence day weekend. jamie last question for whom do you think clinton votes next year, obama or the republican candidate? you never know it is a close call. >> if he is plotting for hillary to run four years from now maybe he votes for the republican. [ talking over each other ] >> you never know what goes on in that clinton voting booth.
9:40 pm
>> time to check in with greta and see what she's got coming up. >> greta: tonight everything you always wanted to know about the casey anthony trial and more. including the lawyer for george and cindy anthony. they've had a tough couple of weeks. it has been brutal. testimony is now closed. we are getting ready foreclosing arguments. back to you -- ready for closing arguments. >> fox news channel has launched a new application for the ipad. get features from and our iphone application. optimized for your ipad. browse the happening now section for a quick snapshot of the day's hottest stories. get news alerts, stream live video and watch the latest video clips. download the fox news app free, in the app for. for more information on the web go to --
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>> . we continue with our great american panel. welcome back guys. there are all these reports today that the treasury secretary tim gater in wants out of the administration -- tim geithner wants out of the administration. when i saw those reports, i was like wait he's still there? >> i think he's close to the president. close in age they've always said to have a been. interesting who he will choose next. i think obama would like to choose the guy with the question marks who does the commercials, the free money guy. i think it would be wise to choose a businessman. he has none in the administration. >> i made some calls. this is more of an idea than a plan for him to leave right now. i think he's talking off the top of his head when he said this, this afternoon. like you said, these are
9:45 pm
difficult jobs. this is probably the most difficult in washington now given the state of the economy. he is under a lot of pressure. he's got kids who arein school. it is still too early to tell if he is going to leave before the end of the first term. i would bet he doesn't. >> mary if he decides to go he is going to join this long conga line of obama economic advisers. summers, romer, orszag and goolsbee. >> and they all back to their academic jobs. he needs a businessperson in there. it would be a wise decision for him to get away from the academics. get away from deep thinkers into someone who is a doer and maybe someone who pays his taxes. [ talking over each other ] >> the american people don't care hot treasury secretary is. >> i think they -- care who
9:46 pm
the treasury secretary is. >> i think they do. >> they care if they have jobs. >> if you poll most don't know who geithner is unless his name is on the bottom of the dollar bill. they want to see the president and congress work to make that happen. the treasury second stare is an instrument of the president. >> i think geithner hopes they don't know his name. >> he has overseen nearly four trillion added to the national debt. more than any treasury secretary in the history of the united states that's embarrassing and counterproductive and destructive. >> congress approved that debt. it takes two to tango. there are republicans in the congress -- >> who control the congress. >> they had a filibuster there was republican votes in all of those bills. it does take two to tango. and you are counting tarp money that came in under the previous president who was a
9:47 pm
republican that he demanded congress pass. >> alan greenspan said that the two trillion dollars of qe one and two, printing by the feds had little to no affect on the economy. that is staggering. those of us screaming about this we were saying don't print, stop spending, they did it any way and now look. >> look what president obama said in 2009 when he passed the stimulus. unemployment wouldn't go above 8%. it now at 9.1, it reached 10. by his own metric he's failed. >> mitt romney the front-runner released a new ad, very tough against obama and his dismal jobs record. >> good to be back in pennsylvania. i had a chance to visit with workers there. the >> the allentown metal works set to close friday.
9:48 pm
hailed as a symbol of hope by president obama last year, when he promoted his jobs plan . >> that is such a powerful ad. the romney campaign back and looked at the most powerful tag line that margaret thatcher used in her first campaign which is "labor isn't working." that is a very effective campaign. this is if going to be all about jobs, jobs, jobs. >> that ad is so effective, because it is something that everyone can understand. you don't have to know who tim geithner is. all you have to know is people are losing jobs. i guarantee you everyone in
9:49 pm
that area where that ad is running knows someone who lost a job. >> in 2008 this -- unlike 2008 this time obama has to run on a record. >> it is effective ad, but misleading. didn't take into account that most of those jobs were lost in the first six months of his presidency. it still doesn't get romney past the south carolina firewall. >> it is effective because it plays to romney's strength as a tremendous businessman versus obama who was never a businessman. >> that's right. they spent us into a keynesian coma. now it is time to give free market, small government -- -- [ talking over each other ] >> it is how we got here monica. >> to be continued. [ talking over each other ] >> all right, all right. >> coming up, sean's interview on how we can reclaim american states and promise from the
9:50 pm
cultural elite. you don't want to miss it. stay tuned. [ male announcer ] things seem 45% better when you save up to 45% at travelocity. our girl's an architect. our boy's a genius. you look amazing! you look like a beach angel! aah! [ malennouncer ] save up to 45% on summer vacations at travelocity. [ gnome ] it's go time.
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>> welcome back. carol swain is a professor of political science and law. sean sat down with her to talk to her about her new book. >> sean: joining us dr. carol swain. good to see you. >> great to be here. >> great honor to blush the book for you. i read the book. i didn't know you were a teenaged mother?
9:54 pm
>> yes. >> sean: and a high school drop-out. >> yes. >> sean: i didn't know any of these things. >> by the grace of god. >> sean: now you are a big professor. great story. you never viewed yourself as being disadvantaged because of race or sex or social class. >> no, actually i was in graduate school before i realized that i was oppressed and that someone from my background wasn't supposed to be able to do any of the things that i accomplished. i learned it in graduate school. as a black woman born in poverty. when i look back at it now i don't know if i would have attempted the things that i did if i had known that all the odds were me. for whatever reason it was if i had blinders on, i want aware that i was so disadvantaged. >> sean: is it because of your experience you weren't treated
9:55 pm
this way? >> my mentors were conservative. mostly white machine. i was sort of -- people said you can do it. i felt like the world was a meritocracy. if i worked hard i could accomplish things and i did. i was an honor student. and i did very well. i got early tenured at princeton. my first book won the highest prize in the profession. i won several national prizes. been cited by the supreme court. and -- >> sean: touching, great american story. it reminded me when i interviewed justice thomas. you ever read the book? >> yes. >> sean: it is a terrific book. he was tough on him. but he realized how much love he had from his grandfather. you talk on a lot of controversial issues in this book. i have defined obamamania,
9:56 pm
sort of that tingley feeling loss of all sense of reason or objectivity. just at the sight of the president. i think some people still in spite of the negative statistics about his failed policies people still buy into it. you described it as young people on radio and tv they couldn't give a single reason for supporting obama they would just repeat the slow agains. >> that's right. >> sean: explain in detail. >> many seemed to be mesmerized. i'm sure you remembered during the campaign when young women were fainting as if they were with some great rock star. left. when you get into a debate they immediately start quoting slogans that you have heard before. there's no real debate. no substance if that breaks down they start calling names many that seems to be the approach. got away with platitudes and
9:57 pm
bumper stickers last time. he doesn't have a to run on. platitudes, bumper stickers won't work so it is going to be a vicious campaign. >> some of that youth vote seems to have fallen away many whether or not african-americans and hispanics stick with him, remains to be soon. the greater problem will be if he can get the turn out like in the black community. if blacks go to the polls most of them will vote for him. how many will go to the polls? >> sean: you take on the issue of race in a way i'm sure you will be criticized for. having read it and watching over the years. you say many african-americans responded to the opportunity to elect a candidate who shared their race and political party. then you said about whites. you said, i believe they saw an opportunity to prove they had transcended race by casting a vote for a black man. >> yes. >> sean: do you really people in the black community voted
9:58 pm
for him because he was african american? >> yes. >> sean: and you really believe whites wanted to show she had transcended race? >> yes. i hadiç colleagues even tell me they thought it would be good for america to have a black president. it was all this stuff. not that he was the most qualified or even that they agreed with everything that he was saying. they thought it would be good for america's image. as i traveled during 2008, strangers, many were white they would come up to me and proudly tell me they were voting for barack obama because i'm black and they thought that would be a great thing to tell me. >> sean: 95% of the black vote. >> something like that. >> sean: you say that with racial polarization, you say that there is reluctance, this was later in the book, in the black community to criticize him, because of his race. >> that remains true today.
9:59 pm
it is not just uncommon of -- not just for obama there's a reluctance to certainly criticize black liberal leaders. the most important thing i say in the book is that america is a country that 78% of the people profess to believe in the judeo-christian god. if you look at the mess the country is in, there is no evidence of that. i often find people complaining about the state of the nation and the moral decline and so they are frustrated on facebook and twitter. yet, they forget it is we the people who are responsible for the officials that are in washington. ultimately, we are responsible for those policies i am i think we can take back our country. and we need to hold them accountable. we can't just sit back and point fingers. >> sean: it is a terrific book. carol -- dr. swayne, we appreciate it. >> thank you.


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